former teacher of Vivi Araújo negotiates with reality

Not all the experience of Adeilton Ribeiro in “Super Dança dos Famosos” was negative. The teacher who started the dispute alongside Viviane Araújo and was changed after rumors that the actress would be dissatisfied with her work gained visibility on Globo’s Sunday and the controversy led to an invitation for the dancer to participate in a reality show.

In conversation with the UOL, he explains that everything is in “negotiation”:

I still can’t say anything about it. We are talking to see if it will be possible. Anyway, I’m happy with the doors opening. People know my character and my professionalism. I have a history in dance.

Viviane Araújo with ex-partner Adeilton Ribeiro at 'Super Dança dos Famosos' - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Viviane Araújo with ex-partner Adeilton Ribeiro at ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Adeilton, who was very hurt as soon as he was changed in “Dança”, spoke recently with the UOL and commented on the elimination of Viviane Araújo in the semifinal of the competition. He believes that the “injustice committed” contributed to the famous receiving lower marks from the public.

What Viviane did was not forgotten. She was unfair and the public took this into account. I stayed in the victim’s place, even without victimizing myself. You don’t change a professional in the field in the middle of a competition. I’m a dancer and a teacher, it couldn’t have been changed like that. People had a lot of empathy for my story and hugged me.”

The dancer also pointed out flaws in the actress’ last performance:

Rodrigo is a great professional, but he can’t do everything alone. There were technical glitches from Viviane, which is normal, but that was visible. Anyway, the result was great for them.

Fans for the final:

With an eye on the final of “Super Dança dos Famosos”, which takes place next Sunday (29), Adeilton already has his fans in the dispute between Dandara Mariana, Rodrigo Simas and Paolla Oliveira.

I really root for Dandara. It is a black woman, who in the last edition lost due to a technical injustice. It’s spectacular, and very capable of being in this final.”

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