Giant python snake ‘explodes’ after swallowing whole cow; see video

A snake of the Burmese python species, about 5 meters long, saw its skin “explode” after swallowing a whole wave. The pressure was so great that part of the stomach gave way and came out of the body.

The snake was seen in this state last Saturday (21) in Thailand. The animal was found by the farmer who owned the cow, who had been looking for the ‘victim’ for three years.

The pressure was so great that part of the cow’s leg could be seen in the hole made in the python’s stomach. See the video:

Experts believe the snake’s stomach ruptured after swelling up after struggling to cope for days with the giant meal.

“The python must have been hungry and saw the cow. He then strangled the cow to kill it before swallowing its entire body,” theorized Nirun Leewattanakul, a villager, according to the “Sun”.

The snake was dead from all the effort made.

“However, after the cow died inside the snake, its body swelled up and stretched the snake’s stomach even further. It was a very frightening scene,” he added.