Goal to require vaccination of all employees from November – Economy

THE Goal will require all its employees to be vaccinated against the Covid-19. The obligation starts to take effect on November 1st. According to the president of the company, Paulo Kakinoff, there will be an exception only for cases where, for example, the employee does not get vaccinated by a medical recommendation. This is the first major brand of the Parents to adopt the measure.

“It is the company’s right to assess how much this decision (not to be vaccinated) puts the safety of other people at risk. We will evaluate each case, but our willingness is for everyone (employees) to be immunized”, said the executive.

Also according to Kakinoff, if the worker does not justify not taking the vaccine, there will be an effort to try to raise awareness. If he still does not present proof of vaccination, he will be dismissed.

The measure follows the example of companies from the USA, where the resistance of part of the population to the vaccine has allowed the number of infections to grow again. In the airline industry, the American United Airlines was the first to announce mandatory vaccination. already the Delta imposed a monthly fine of US$ 200 on the employee who refused to take the vaccine.

Kakinoff, who is part of the project United by the Vaccine – a group that brings together businessmen and executives to assist in the distribution of immunizations throughout the country – states that Gol understands that there is a considerable number of people who have not been vaccinated due to misinformation. The intention, with the obligation, is to increase alertness among employees.

Another justification for the measure, he says, is to encourage other companies to follow in this direction. “We are convinced that we will only reach the end of the pandemic with as many people immunized as possible.”

So far, 80% of Gol’s 15 thousand employees have already received the first dose. The company started an internal campaign on the subject in June. “Now, we are intensifying the campaign, positioning the company even more clearly in defense and in the need for vaccination.”

The executive, however, claims to be against a “vaccination passport” for passengers, which would allow boarding only for those already immunized. According to him, this could harm people who, for health reasons, cannot be vaccinated. “We would have a relatively small number, but it would be a considerable absolute number of people who cannot get the vaccine. Adopting such a regime would harm these people.”