Government of PE begins to pay residual installment of the 13th of Bolsa Família, totaling more than R$3.4 million; see who has the right | Pernambuco

The residual portion of the 13th salary of the state’s Bolsa Família Program began to be paid, this Thursday (26), to 29,091 families in the state. According to the government of Pernambuco, in total, R$3,453,203 will be transferred.

This extra payment benefits people who regularized their situation after the closing of the February, March, April and late May 2021 payrolls.

The state Bolsa Família grants an extra portion to those served by the federal program. To find out if the resource is available, beneficiaries can consult the website.

Also according to the government, on Thursday, funds were released for beneficiaries with a Social Identification Number (NIS) ending from 1 to 7.

Beneficiaries who have the NIS with a final 8 will be able to withdraw their funds on Friday (27). For the end 9, payment takes place on Monday (30). On Tuesday (31), people who have NIS ended in 0 will be authorized to withdraw the money.

The residual installments of the 13th of the state Bolsa Família vary between R$ 41 and R$ 150. The withdrawal must be made in the same places where the beneficiary already receives the money: Caixa Econômica (CEF) branches, electronic terminals, lottery shops or establishments accredited.

The 13th of Bolsa Família is administered by the Secretariat for Social Development, Children and Youth (SDSCJ).

Through a note, Secretary Sileno Guedes said that investment in the benefit had increased compared to the previous year.

According to him, the number of families that registered the CPF on the invoice has grown. Thus, they reached the ceiling of the program’s value, which is R$150.

The manager stated that the extra payroll was added to the total resources invested in the program, which reached R$ 157 million. The funds covered 1,179,376 families.

“With the residual payment, we reach more than R$ 157 million destined to this public, which represents a third of Pernambuco’s people”, said Guedes.

The payment of the 13th of Bolsa Família for the year 2020 started to be made in February 2021. According to the state government, the delivery of the benefit took place in February, March and April.

The transfer of funds was carried out according to the month of birth of the person responsible for the family and the end of the NIS.

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