Grêmio manager throws towel after Flamengo’s rout: ‘It was unfeasible’ | Flamengo

Flamengo x GuildAlexandre Vidal / Flamengo

Published 08/26/2021 1:20 PM

Rio – After Flamengo massacred Grêmio 4-0 in Porto Alegre, last Wednesday, in the first game of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, Marcos Herrmann, the Rio Grande do Sul club’s soccer vice president, did not escape reality . The manager threw in the towel and admitted that qualifying for the semifinals had become virtually impossible.

“The Copa do Brasil has become practically unfeasible, we have to face that. And Brasileirão we see as an absolute priority, for obvious reasons. Our big challenge, in these three days until the game with Corinthians, is to regain our spirits. Remember that we played good games and that our first half today (Wednesday) was very good. The second half was terrible, but the first one was very good. So we know how to do what is right”, declared the top hat.

“In the last 8 games at Brasileirão, we had a G-4 score. I am confident that we will fulfill what we projected back then, which is to leave the zone in September. In these three days until the game against Corinthians, we have to regain our spirits, we can’t let people get discouraged”, he added.