Gugu Liberato’s Daughters Explain Controversial Inheritance Video; see – entertainment

The twin daughters of Gugu Liberato, Marina and Sofia, aged 17, recorded a video shared on their social networks this Friday (27), clarifying the controversy surrounding the presenter’s heritage that emerged last Wednesday (25).

It all started after a video, which was destined for Justice, was leaked on the internet. In the images in question, they spoke about the mistrust they have of their aunt, Aparecida Liberato, who was responsible as the inventor of the case, being also the tutor of the girls, who are underage. They accuse their aunt of manipulating them during the process of dividing the inheritance and revealed that this has disrupted their relationship with their older brother, João Augusto.

The young women also claimed that they did not agree with the monthly allowance of US$500 (approximately R$ 2,600) they received from their aunt, which, according to them, is less than the amount deposited in their brother’s account.

The video also gained such prominence due to Sofia’s speech about being prevented, by Aparecida, from buying the car of her dreams, a Porsche, and having to keep a car that costs half the price of the first one.

In defense, Sofia explained, during the early hours of this Friday (27), that the video was leaked and that the subject is much bigger than the history of the purchase of the car. “So, I’m making this video to clarify a few things for you. For all the people who are criticizing and judging me, since the video leaked, I suggest you watch the entire video, so you understand the context of the video. video. You’ll see that it’s not actually about buying a car, it’s a much more serious and important issue behind it. I would also like to clarify that my sister and I, we didn’t give and we won’t do any interview for anyone, so much so that our process is under judicial secrecy. I would also like to say one more thing, that this video was leaked without our consent, so much so, that it was only to be seen by the eyes of justice. And ours. lawyers are taking all possible steps to resolve this,” she said.

Marina also took a stand on the matter. “I’m stopping by to clarify a few things about a video that is playing on various social networks, about me and Sofia. That we made a video and this video was really a leak, we have no idea who leaked this one video, but it was a leak and I wanted to suggest to you guys who are criticizing us to watch the whole video, because really this video is not about a car purchase that Sofia commented on, it has a lot more purpose than that. a much more serious and much bigger problem, so I would also like to clarify that we have not given and we will not give any interviews, because this matter is really very confidential and it is a secret of justice. And finally, I would like to say that ours lawyers are taking the necessary steps. I would also like to thank all of you who sent me positive messages and thank you very much for your affection,” she commented.