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Sofia and Marina Liberato, daughters of presenter Gugu Liberato, used social media to express themselves about the controversy generated after appearing in a video giving testimony in the process of their father’s inventory.

In the images, which the sisters claim were improperly leaked, Sofia and Marina accuse their aunt, Aparecida de Fátima Liberato Caetano, of lying about matters involving the inheritance left by her father.

Presenter Augusto Liberato died in November 2019 after suffering a domestic accident at his home in Orlando, USA. He was 60 years old and was the father of three children — Sofia, Marina and João — whom he had with the doctor Rose Miriam Di Matteo.

They also defend their mother, who fights to have a stable relationship recognized as the presenter, and say their aunt wouldn’t let them buy the car they wanted, a Porsche.

“To all the people who are criticizing and judging me, since the video leaked, I suggest you watch the entire video, so you understand the context of the video. You’ll see that it’s not actually a purchase of a car, it’s a much more serious and important issue behind it,” says Sofia in a video posted on Instagram after controversy.

  • Without a Porsche, Gugu’s daughter calls a car worth at least R$210,000 a ‘thing’

“I would also like to clarify that my sister and I, we did not give and we will not give any interview to anyone, so much so that our case is under judicial secrecy. I would also like to say one more thing, that this video was leaked without our consent , which was only meant to be seen by the eyes of justice. And our lawyers are taking all possible steps to resolve this.”

Marina made a video similar to her sister’s and said that “we made a video and this video was really a leak, we have no idea who leaked this video, but it was a leak and I wanted to suggest to you who are criticizing us watch the entire video, because really this video isn’t about a car purchase Sofia commented on.”

“It has a lot more purpose than that. It’s about a much more serious and much bigger problem, so I also wanted to clarify that we didn’t and we won’t give any interviews, because this subject is really very sensitive and it’s Justice secret.”

Gugu Liberato and his daughters, Sofia and Marina — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/sofi_liberato

what they say in the video

In the video of about 18 minutes, the sisters say that their aunt Aparecida de Fátima Liberato Caetano lies about documents involving the inheritance process. They also claim that their brother, João, is being manipulated by their aunt and accuse their former lawyers of lying.

In addition, Sofia and Marina defend their mother and say that she had a stable relationship with her father, something contested by Aparecida and the family’s lawyers.

Wanted by G1, the press office said that it does not comment on matters in secret of justice.

The twins also complain about the amounts transferred monthly by the aunt. They say that brother and grandmother receive more.

“I asked her for a raise of two thousand [dólares], and she was already saying that it was absurd to earn two thousand, since it’s not even close to what we have. Not even close to what she takes a month to pay our bills,” says Sofia.

“We managed to at least increase it to a thousand (dollars) a month”, completes Marina.

Sofia complains that her aunt didn’t let her buy the car she wanted.

“I asked my aunt for the Porsche I always dreamed of having. She said she spoke to the prosecutor and she said I couldn’t have this car because it was too luxurious for a 17 year old. also because it was very expensive. I found it very strange and looked for a cheaper car. In the end, I ended up buying a car at half the price of the one I wanted.”

They also ask for an audit to understand how the process is and the values ​​moved from the beginning.

The millionaire inheritance left by Gugu has been the target of family disputes since the presenter’s death. In his will, Gugu divided his fortune allotting:

  • 75% for the three children
  • 25% remaining for the five nephews

Without being mentioned in the document, Rose Miriam fights in court to prove that she had a stable relationship with the presenter, and be entitled, in addition to the pension, to half of the assets built by him during the period they were together.

Rose and Gugu have had a lot of pictures together over the years. There are images of travels and public appearances on social media and in the press.

In the video, the daughters maintain that the mother does not care about the heritage, but wants the relationship to be recognized and given value in order to live. In an interview with Fantástico at the end of last year, Rose Miriam said she doesn’t want to take anything that belongs to her children. Watch the video below:

Gugu's Widow: 'I don't want to take anything that belongs to my children.  I want recognition'

Gugu’s Widow: ‘I don’t want to take anything that belongs to my children. I want recognition’