Honda PCX 2022 line brings only colors and graphics as a novelty

Scooters have gained popularity in recent years in large urban centers. The trunk under the seat and the CVT cambio make this type of motorcycle interesting for those who face daily traffic. And leading this market in Brazil is Honda PCX, which has now undergone changes with the arrival of the 2022 line.


As was the case with the 2022 line of Honda’s other leader, CG, the updates followed the maxim “in a winning team, don’t move.” News is limited to new graphics and colors. Check the Honda PCX 2022 line versions and colors:

  • PCX CBS: Pearlescent Blue, BRL 13,510.00
  • PCX ABS: Metallic Gray, BRL 14,990.00
  • PCX DLX ABS: Metallic Silver, BRL 15,390.00
  • PCX Sport ABS: Matte White, R$ 15,390.00

The scooter arrives at Honda dealerships in September, offering a three-year warranty with no mileage limit. The first seven oil changes are free.

The Honda PCX Champion Set

Common to all models is the single-cylinder engine of 150 cm³, 13.2 hp and 1.38 kgfm. The engine is coupled to a CVT transmission. To help save fuel, the scooter offers the Idling Stop System, which turns off the engine at stops and restarts when the accelerator is applied.

In the CBS entry version, Honda PCX has a combined brake system, which distributes the braking force in 70% to the rear wheel and 30% to the front wheel when the brake lever is applied. On other models with electronic anti-lock system.

The trunk under the seat offers 28 liters of capacity and can carry a closed helmet. On the front shield there is a storage compartment with a lid and a 12 volt socket. To ensure the safety of the pilot’s objects, the Honda PCX has a key in person and the compartment under the seat only opens with the key present.

Photos: Honda | Disclosure