Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for August 26, 2021 | Horoscope

The horoscope of the day presents a prediction for your sign based on the prediction of the stars.
Marcelo Dallas

The horoscope of the day presents a prediction for your sign based on the prediction of the stars.


The accelerated weather continues with the Moon in your sign. It is worth taking initiatives and cultivating movement. It becomes more difficult to stay stuck for a long time on the same subject or in the same place. However, it takes more calm and attention not to miss important details or act recklessly. The Moon defies Pluto in the afternoon, it’s best to avoid delicate conversations. Venus in Libra, issues related to relationships and partnerships are still on the agenda, remember that respect and kindness are fundamental.


The full moon continues in Aries, streamlining the period. You can schedule physical activities, walks or an outing. However, avoid risky activities and confrontations with partners. The Moon defies Pluto: energy must be channeled into independent activities, freedom, respect for individuality. Sun, Mercury and Mars follow in Virgo, favoring health care, cleanliness and hygiene. Also take the opportunity to delve into a subject, research, investigate, discover mysteries.


You can act with more passion, intuition, courage and determination, it’s just not worth staying idle for too long. Mercury already combines with Pluto, while the Moon follows the impulsive Aries. Intuition is sharp. You can strategize while communicating more sensitively. Beware of impatience and intolerance! It’s good to avoid long waiting lines and repetitive activities. It is also a good time to free yourself from patterns that hold you back, which impede your development and the search for new experiences.


It is important to cultivate diplomacy, kindness and attention. The Full Moon follows Aries and challenges Pluto, be careful not to get too possessive or controlling. Better to avoid dangerous situations and stay away from conflicting people. It’s important to plan a more relaxed routine to avoid stress and burnout. It’s worth changing the subject, doing something different, cultivating freedom, disconnecting from what’s unpleasant. Count on dynamism to plan more independent tours and activities.


The Moon follows in Aries: from time to time, remember to stretch your legs, take a deep breath, stretch your body and relax. Break times are important to recover from the physical and emotional strain caused by overwork and commitment. The Moon remains in disharmony with Pluto, indicating that this is not a good time to argue, impose or demand. Hiking, exercise or massage are welcome. In moments of relaxation, it is easier to combine reason and intuition to shape your dreams.


With the Sun in your sign, it’s time to invest in confidence, to gain clarity on many issues. The Moon remains in Aries, at the same time it is important to make room for individuality and autonomy. Better to flee from authoritarian postures, impose rules and opinions. As you become more aware, you can better perceive what must be transformed in yourself for a more harmonious and productive life. You can understand others better too, to strengthen bonds with those you love.


What is in disuse is left behind, new people, invitations and opportunities can arise. It is not good to cling or try to prolong what is being eliminated. Try to make room for news to arrive. Meanwhile, the Moon continues in Aries: initiative, pioneering spirit, courage and leadership are the qualities that stand out. Thankfully, Venus follows in her sign, promising a more pleasurable phase. Invest in your self-esteem, personal care and your ability to seduce.


Try to keep an eye out for the issues that dominate your thoughts during the period. Mercury combines with Pluto, promising a period of more understanding. You can see more clearly what needs to be left behind. Count on more willpower to do so. However, today the Moon challenges Pluto: avoid disputes and demands. Continue to review your values, exaggerated feelings of pride, confidence and vanity. It’s important now to let go of dependencies or something that impedes your growth.


Issues from the past gradually settle down, so you can look to the future and gain more freedom. The key is to incorporate the necessary changes piecemeal, without drastic disruptions. Today the Moon aligns with Jupiter, its ruler: take the opportunity to meditate, dream and idealize your future. Through creative visualization techniques, you can build positive and constructive images. What do you want for your life and for humanity? The inspiring vision always precedes the act of creation and its manifestation in reality.


It is important to balance partnerships, respecting each other’s space and free will. Your actions can be more realistic, responsible, aware and strategic. But beware of impulsiveness and excessive individualism. Seek to invest in your diplomatic and strategic skills for bigger and better opportunities. Moon and Pluto ask you to avoid tense situations, power struggles and risky places. It is also recommended to put yourself in motion to release excess energy.


Some situations or people may leave your life, what is old, worn out and no longer suitable for your growth can be left behind. It is time for changes, understandings, reformulations and interior transformations. Don’t fight this process, on the contrary, collaborate with it. The Moon is still in Aries: it is worth planning outdoor activities, cultivating autonomy and movement. It is also good to cultivate creativity, flexibility and diplomacy so as not to create friction with people.


With Venus in Libra, be willing to add, align interests with partners, cultivate responsibility and commitment in your relationships. At the same time, with Moon in Aries, balance all of this with respect for individuality. Activities that you can do independently, moments to take care of your body and health are also welcome. Try not to control situations too much. Today the Moon aligns with Jupiter: artistic activities, high studies and spiritual practices are favored and can renew your faith.