Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for August 27, 2021 | Horoscope

The day's horoscope mandalas are made by astrologer Marcelo Dalla
Marcelo Dallas

The day’s horoscope mandalas are made by astrologer Marcelo Dalla


It’s time to invest in creativity. You can be more open and flexible, willing to learn and try different things. The Moon remains in Taurus and aligns with the Sun: confidence and inspiration can help you find more practical solutions to make your projects happen. Believe in your capabilities and your worthiness. You can interact with the world showing confidence and determination. Also take the opportunity to expand the view of the world and situations, with more empathy.


The good period for communications continues. Mercury aligns with Pluto, stimulating mental intuition and favoring deepening. The Moon follows in your sign, in beautiful harmony with the Sun. It becomes easier to connect with the heart, seek answers and diagnoses, calm down feelings and better elaborate any matter in depth. Higher, philosophical, and transcendent subjects can be discussed with more insight. Just pay attention in the late afternoon: Moon Saturn asks for more lightness, avoid exaggerating criticism.


With Moon in Taurus, try to plan relaxing activities to soothe tempers, calm the mind, soothe the heart. Take the opportunity to cultivate peace with your conscience. The Sun remains in Virgo, remembering that it is important to invest in quality of life and take care of your health. Understanding and intuition are also favored by the harmony between Mercury and Pluto. Good period for research, exams, diagnoses and research. You can get good answers.


With Sun in Virgo and Moon in Taurus, it’s worth cultivating realism and objectivity. It is advisable to think of others, distribute the fruits earned and spread your resources. So you can strengthen your relationships. The Moon is now aligned with the Sun: you can count on more confidence, clarity and emotional balance. Try to make room for things that bring pleasure, show your affection and reciprocate displays of affection. The arts and spiritual themes can strengthen your faith and provide inspiration.


Good period to take care of the body and emotions. Sun in Virgo and Moon in Taurus: affection, sensitivity, care and kindness are rewarded. Both for you and for others. Take the opportunity to take care of the house too, the pleasant feeling that everything is in order can calm your mind, make you more confident and balanced. The Moon aligns with the Sun, enhancing clarity, confidence and awareness. Stay tuned, good ideas and good insights can come.


Count on more dynamism to interact with the world and invest in bolder activities. Sun, Mercury and Mars follow in your sign, favoring movement and quick decisions. Count on more discretion and discernment. However, avoid more heated or aggressive discussions, in the name of respect and good understanding. Enjoy the holiday to relax too, without controlling attitudes. It is worth scheduling trips, preferably close to nature, to seek inspiration and release accumulated energy.


It is favorable to be open to new points of view, in an atmosphere of freedom and independence. The Moon remains in Taurus and combines forces with the Sun, ensuring more confidence and emotional well-being. It’s worth taking time to reflect, connect with the heart, cultivate inner peace and tranquility. You deserve time to yourself, to take care of your body, mind and emotions. Continue to manage and visualize new projects, which will gain strength after your birthday.


You can see more clearly what needs to be left behind. Count on more willpower to do so. Today the Moon combines forces with the Sun, while Mercury aligns with Pluto, enhancing intuition and favoring broader perceptions. Your strength to heal and transform grows. It is worth moving the energy of what is stagnant, thinking about new courses or creating new goals. The desire to talk, investigate, research, study, learn and interact with friends also grows.


It is important to cultivate organization and determination. You can also invest in your autonomy, more movement and physical activity. Growth comes as we take care of all these matters with care and discretion. A good time to put the house in order, promote cures, restorations and cleanings. Then, enjoy the end of the day as well to cultivate comfort and spend more time in pleasurable activities. So he recovers from the increased responsibilities and fatigue.


With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Taurus, everything should be done with more whimsy and tranquility. Initiatives become firmer and more determined. The Moon aligns with the Sun, also favoring a more balanced, sensitive and understanding attitude. This harmony favors recoveries in general. From financial, to health, relationships and enthusiasm. Attention at the end of the afternoon, Lua and Saturno advise not to exaggerate complaints and demands. Try to exchange complaints for gratitude.


Mars and Uranus keep bringing new encounters, good ideas, surprises and new possibilities. However, with the Moon in Taurus, it is important to slow down, cultivate slower but steady and steady steps. Try to reserve moments of silence and introspection. So you can calm your mind and emotions. Use and abuse breathing, relaxation techniques and meditation. It is also worth reflecting on what might be left behind. You can break away from something that is old and no longer fits your conscience.


Little by little, the doubts and uncertainties are clarified, the possibilities of solving an impasse are revealed. All it takes is willingness to dialogue, understand, forgive and cultivate solidarity. Don’t be discouraged! With the Moon in Taurus, it is worth investing in comfort, safety and tranquility. Mercury aligns with Pluto, also favoring intuition, research and deepening. Healing conversations are favored. Can you close your eyes, relax, find peace and silence within yourself?