‘I can even call it a colorful friendship’, says Elise Ramalho about Whindersson Nunes | Fabia Oliveira

Elise Ramalho and Whindersson Nunes Reproduction / Editing

Published 08/27/2021 05:00

She is 22 years old, was born in Nova Olinda, Maranhão, but it’s only been a month since she moved to Aripuanã, Mato Grosso. While she doesn’t fit in in the new city, Elise Ramalho continues doing what she likes most: ‘exchanging affectionate messages’ with Whindersson Nunes, recently separated from civil engineering student Maria Lina Deggan.

To the column, the young woman said that she has admired the artist since 2013, when he went to perform in Maranhão. “It was wonderful to see him up close, the most magical moment of my life. Only a couple of years ago, something stronger awoke, so I looked for him, and we started talking. I never told you what I felt was more than friendship”.

But as soon as Whindersson took over the relationship with Maria Lina, the contact, according to Elise, cooled down and only warmed up again when the announcement of the separation came: “As far as I can see, something might happen this time, and I don’t want to spoil it. . He’s been sincere, sweet, we talk straight through WhatsApp. Always funny, he says good morning and asks me how I’m doing and if I have time to talk to him. Now it’s more intimate and not like it used to be.”

Upon hearing ‘more intimate how?’, he explained: “We understand each other, admire each other, and I like him as a person. We have such a great affection for each other, you know? It’s something inexplicable. And he sees me as someone with someone who can open up, trustworthy. We even played the day before yesterday. I asked him to marry him, and he accepted. But it was just a little joke.”

Elise went on to give more details: “I understand that something is happening on your part and I want it for myself. You always say that you don’t want to leave my friendship, something he had never said before. There are people deducing that I just want fame or do the coup. I’m smarter and I won’t let anyone ruin my moment.”

Despite these reports, we had access to the exchange of messages between the two and we sought out Whindersson, in an attempt to get his opinion. However, until the end of this text, the boy had not spoken.