Former President Lula promised “regulation of the media”  come back to power.

Former President Lula promised “media regulation” if he returns to power.| Photo: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva once again assured that, if he is reelected, he will have as one of his priorities the regulation of the means of communication in Brazil. The statement was made during an interview with Rádio Metrópole da Bahia on Thursday (26).

“I’m hearing a lot of insult, I read the press a lot. There are some sectors of the press that don’t want me to be a candidate again. Because if I return, I’ll regulate the media in this country,” promised the PT member.

Through social networks, Lula spoke again about the proposal: “The regulation of the media is still from when we wrote by letter. You are seeing what you do on the internet. They spread lies, they prescribe medicine for covid that doesn’t work. I don’t want a Cuban or Chinese model, I want the English model. I am against censorship, because I am a victim of it”, he wrote.

During a visit to Maranhão last weekend, Lula stated that it is urgently necessary to approve the regulation of communication in Brazil and cited as an example the Venezuelan media that, according to him, “destroyed” Hugo Chávez. “Here I saw what was done to me”, he said, also stating that he will propose an internet regulation.