Ivete Sangalo already has a date to say goodbye to The Masked Singer Brasil

The Marinho network will produce the second season of The Masked Singer Brasil, which is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2022. Ivete Sangalo will be maintained in the attraction that has been very successful on social networks and in the sales market.

After the end of the The Masked Singer Brazil, the singer from Bahia will be dedicated to her show on HBO Max called Poder Chegar.

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The column found that Priscilla Alcântara (Unicorn) was the great champion of the first season of the reality musical presented by Ivete Sangalo, which will have its last episode shown on October 5th.

The gospel singer disputed the award of R$ 150 thousand reais with Jessica Ellen (Silver Cat), Mart’nalia (Alligator) and Chris Vianna (Macaw). The recording in question took place last Thursday, August 19, in São Paulo.

Ivete Sangalo and Marcelinho Carioca at The Masked Singer Brasil (Kelly Fuzaro/GShow).

Priscilla Alcantara (Unicorn); Sandra de Sa (Sunflower); Sidney Magal (Dogão); Renata Ceribelli (Brigadier); João Cortes (Monster); Alexandre Borges (Jaguar); Mart’nalia (Alligator); Sergio Loroza (Astronaut); Marcelinho Carioca (Coconut tree); Jessica Ellen (Silver Cat), brown (Boi-Bumbá) and Chris Vianna (Arara) are in the cast of the first season of The Masked Singer Brazil.