Jacob quotes God’s punishment after sons kill Dinah’s fiance

In the next chapters of Genesis, Jacob (Petrônio Gontijo) will show his displeasure with his children after the attack on Shechem (Marcelo Filho) and love, as well as their cities. simeon (Igor Cotrim) led the fire that destroyed the locality and had help from the brothers to kill the prince and the king.

Devastated by the death of her fiance, Dinah (Giovanna Coimbra) decides to ignore the brothers entirely. This makes Jacob very upset and goes to his daughter to try to make a deal. “You don’t hate your brothers, Dina. You’ll just suffer from it”, asks the father.

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The girl will explain that she cannot forgive them. “What they did… there’s no forgiveness…”, account. “Oh no?“, asks the father. Dina is embarrassed, since her father has just forgiven her. “I’m not defending what they did. it was an atrocity. Look at us now… We had to move, practically run away because of what they did“,

Dina, however, will justify her anger and indignation. “But all those men… they destroyed an entire city… innocent people… they killed Shechem…“she declares. The girl’s father tries to calm her, saying that there will be divine justice. “God is fair. He will see to it that they pay for what they did. But if you keep that hurt… it won’t do you any good. For years my brother hated me and look what happened“, explains.

Jacob wipes her tears away. “Your brothers have done a great deal of harm and they will pay for it, no doubt. But they thought they were doing it for your own good, to defend you. Maybe now you can’t, but consider your father’s words…“, asks the husband of lia (Ingra Lyberato).

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