Joinville has the cheapest gasoline in SC; see prices

Joinville has the cheapest regular gasoline in Santa Catarina, according to a survey carried out at 20 service stations in the city by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The average price is R$ 5.55, lower compared to other 18 cities in the state. The analysis carried out between the 15th and 21st of August also says that Concordia, in the West, has more expensive gasoline among the average prices, costing R$5.99.

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In the North region, the maximum price found by the ANP is R$ 5.86 in the municipality of Mafra, where the average is R$ 5.68. The minimum value found in the pumps is from Joinville at a cost of R$ 5.40, in one of the surveyed stations.

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Joinville also has the cheapest additive gasoline

In the north of the state, the ANP found a liter of additive gasoline being sold for up to R$ 5.40, being the cheapest in the region. The most expensive value found was in Mafra, where consumers can pay up to R$ 5.99 per liter of fuel.

At the state level, Joinville had the same values ​​registered as Itajaí, where the added gasoline was also costing an average of R$ 5.69. On the other hand, Concordia has the highest average value with R$ 6.06.

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