Kabul airport bombing deadliest attack on US in Afghanistan since 2011 | World

The death of 13 US military personnel in the terrorist attack at Kabul’s international airport on Thursday (26) is the deadliest against the U.S at the Afghanistan since 2011.

The biggest American loss in the “endless war” was on August 6, 2011, when 30 American soldiers died in the helicopter crash (see below).

More than 80 people died and more than 150 were injured in the bombing at the airport. The Americans killed are 12 Marines and 1 Navy doctor.

The explosions took place near the Abbey gate, where security is provided by the US, and the attack was taken over by the Afghan wing of the Islamic State (EI-K), an extremist group rivaling the Taliban.

The information so far is that two suicide bombers and gunmen attacked Afghans crowding the gate in an attempt to leave the country, as well as American soldiers who were screening for evacuation flights..

Satellite image taken on Monday (23) shows the Abbey gate area of ​​Kabul International Airport. The explosions occurred near the gate, according to the Pentagon. — Photo: Maxar Technologies via AFP

Map identifies area of ​​explosions near Kabul airport — Photo: Art G1

The attack takes place in the final stretch of the US-led withdrawal operation, which was accelerated after the takeover by the Taliban on the 15th, and is due to end on Tuesday (31).

American and Allied troops have evacuated more than 100,000 foreigners and Afghans since the 14th, according to the White House. About 12,500 people were evacuated yesterday, even with the attack.

Double terrorist attack puts Afghanistan on high alert

Double terrorist attack puts Afghanistan on high alert

The “endless war”, as the war in Afghanistan is known, it has lasted nearly two decades and cost 1,909 lives of US military personnel in combat.

The biggest loss occurred in August 6, 2011, when a Chinook helicopter was shot down on a night mission in Wardak province, southwest of Kabul. Thirty American soldiers died, including 22 Marines, plus eight Afghans.

Other relevant US losses in Afghanistan to date:

  • June 28, 2005: three marines were killed in a firefight after being dropped off in a plane in the mountains of the eastern province of Kunar. UA helicopter carrying reinforcements to help one of the Marines still alive (and recover the bodies of the three dead) was shot down, killing 16 people on board..
  • July 13, 2008: nine American soldiers died in a clash against the Taliban in Wanat, in the province of Nuristan. Another 24 Afghan and NATO soldiers were also killed.
  • October 2009: eight Americans were killed in a similar shooting against hundreds of Taliban in Kamdesh, also in Nuristan province.
  • December 30, 2009: a “triple agent” (a spy who pretends to be a double agent for one side, although he is actually a double agent for the other side), which the US thought was operating in its favor, killed seven employees and contractors of the CIA (American intelligence agency), plus two other people, at Chapman Base, a CIA facility in eastern Afghanistan.
  • April 27, 2011: eight US Air Force members and one American civilian were shot dead at Kabul airport by an Afghan pilot.

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