Keno cites Cuca’s important correction at Atltico to beat Fluminense

(Photo: Pedro Souza/Atl

After the victory of the athletic by 2 to 1 on the Fluminense this Thursday (26), in a duel for the Copa do Brasil, the striker keno, from Rooster, quoted a important correction made by the technician head to face, for the second consecutive time, the Rio team. In the player’s view, in relation to the 1-1 draw at the Brazilian Nationals, on Monday (23), the team from Alvinegro gave less opportunities to counterattack the opponent.

In an interview given after the final whistle, still on the pitch at Engenho, Keno highlighted the defensive work of Atltico. “In the last game, we had a lot of counterattacks. In this one, we didn’t have much counterattacks against us because we were pretty good defensively,” he said.

The attacker revealed that he expects difficulties in the return match. He praised the Rio team. “We know it will be difficult. We had a match against them now for the Brazilian Nationals. We know that the Fluminense team is a qualified team, but we managed to impose ourselves on the field,” he said.

“Now, he has to rest. There is now a trip to So Paulo, to play against Bragantino. This victory was important for us,” he added.