Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are criticized after buying unusual gift for daughter Stormi: “Middle Class Cosplay”

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are getting a lot of criticism after buying an unusual gift for their daughter, Stormi Webster, our little boy. Last Tuesday (24), the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan published a series of stories reporting that her daughter really wanted to ride a yellow school bus, those used by Americans, which appear in movies, series and even in drawings. And isn’t it that the girl’s father decided to grant the wish? But not in the usual way…

“All Stormi has said is that he wants to ride a big yellow bus. Daddy surprised her”, wrote the businesswoman on social networks. The rapper bought a bus for his 3-year-old daughter. The images published by the owner of Kylie Cosmetics show the child walking in the empty vehicle, observing everything very closely. Check out:

On the web, internet users didn’t like the attitude very much and some even made sour jokes about the present.“When you’re so rich your dream is to be middle class for a day”, said a TikTok user, in a video that has already accumulated 2.1 million views and more than 500,000 likes. “Kylie Jenner surprised her daughter with a school bus so she could ride it. They’re really living a different life, I can’t understand that.”, wrote a profile. “Honestly, Kylie Jenner should have left the bus story to herself…because it really just proved how celebrities will NEVER be like us, as long as they pay for a bus to make their child feel ‘poor’”said another.

“Poverty simulator”, pointed a user. “Our culture is not your fantasy”, joked someone. Another person suggested: “There comes a point where you’re so rich you don’t know what to do with your money anymore, I guess.” A profile joked: “I feel bad for Stormi [por nunca entrar num ônibus de escola pública]. I hope she wipes her tears away with Gucci wipes”. “I was so poor that I also wanted to be middle class”, mocked one more user. And another completed: “The disconnection [com o resto do mundo] it’s so strong.”

@lexnikostormi is THRILLED twitter is GAGGED rn (via #twitter) #stormiwebster #kyliejenner #travisscott #fyp #kuwtk #celebritytiktok♬ original sound – ! leah

“Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott surprising their daughter with a yellow bus called me poor in many different ways.”

“I feel like Travis buying a school bus so she can play the role of a normal kid is going to be an event she will have to ‘undo’ in therapy one day.”

“I’ve been laughing about it for 24 hours. The Jenners doing middle class cosplay”.

“Rich people are literally so far removed from reality that they bought a school bus for Stormi to sit on.”

The criticism comes shortly after TMZ revealed that Kylie was expecting a second child with the rapper. Sources close to her told the publication that the pregnancy is “in its early stages”, therefore, the child’s gender is not yet known.

More witnesses would also have confirmed the news to Page Six. These, in turn, said that the whole family is “super excited” with the arrival of another baby. So far, neither Kylie nor Travis has spoken out about the case. The star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians“, however, hid the pregnancy of Stormi, her eldest daughter, under lock and key. So it wouldn’t be weird if she kept it a secret this time too!

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Jenner, even, always made clear her claim to be a mom again. “I want to have seven children, but not now”, revealed Kendall’s sister, in a video on her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou’s YouTube channel. Is the second baby coming?! It remains to wait to find out!

Kylie inside
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are parents of three-year-old Stormi Webster (Photo: Getty)