Latin singer makes Patrícia Abravanel embarrassed at ‘Vem Pra Cá’

Who was watching the program “Vem Pra Cá”, broadcast this Thursday morning (26), can see how much Patrícia Abravanel was embarrassed when the Latino singer made a live revelation and ended up leaving many people surprised. According to the singer, Silvio Santos’ daughter wanted to be one of his “latines”.

It all started when the world famous news was being presented with Gaby Cabrini. At a certain point, the presenter of the picture revealed a little secret and said that it was very little for Patricia Abravanel abandoning her career as a presenter to be a dancer for the Latin singer, or rather, a “Latinete”.

All information has been confirmed by the singer himself. Latino made a point of explaining the story involving the daughter number four of the owner of SBT: “So, I’m going to tell this story about the latinette, but you have to keep it a secret, okay? First she was like: ‘Oh, is it? I don’t know if I’ll go in to dance’. I called her and said: ‘Patricia, introduce me to the party’. She went there, introduced me and was very shy“.

According to the singer, the presenter of “Vem Pra Cá” liked the idea so much that she danced throughout the show: “During the party, when I went to see her, I played with her, bringing her on stage and doing a little dance, and I didn’t want to leave the stage anymore. She danced the entire show and by the end was hugging the latinets. ‘Oh, I want to become a latin! i love dancing‘”.

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Latino kept telling the story and he said that Silvio Santos’ daughter kept asking for other songs and that, one by one, an hour went by: “Then I said: ‘Patricia, it’s time for me to leave’. She asked for one more, then one more. When I saw it, I spent an extra hour on stage because of my dear latinette“.

Visibly embarrassed and without stopping laughing with the whole situation, Patricia Abravanel joked that it had not been like that. But the story was already told for all of Brazil to know. Without denying the report that was said, Gabriel Cartolano’s fellow program member not only confirmed everything, but also said that she was a “latinette”

Recently, Patrícia Abravanel had already revealed live, during the “Vem Pra Cá” program, that she already wanted to be a Latino dancer. After releasing news about the singer’s life, the daughter of the owner of SBT told viewers one of her dreams when she was younger, but without details.

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