Leão terrorizes Globo artists in a new crusade against “pejotização”; know everything

Globo’s artists face a new battle after the Federal Revenue’s decision (Image: Divulgação / Globo)

In another chapter of the battle of IRS against the artists of Globe, the agency linked to the federal government is willing to take the fight to the last resort. The tax authorities are asking for a change around the payment, but to no avail.

According to information from Veja magazine, some artists from the leading audience channel are claiming a reduction in the tax already paid by the legal entity. Example: if 16% has already been paid, the difference is charged up to 27.5%.

O Leão, however, does not see the idea as ideal because he considers that the fine given to the group of actors is applied to them “in person”. It is noteworthy that the inspection comes from business carried out in 2016.

Also according to the report, the Internal Revenue Service charges individuals with personal income tax (27.5%). Corporate tax is lower (from 6% to 15%). In addition to paying the tax, plus a fine (up to 150%) and interest for the last 5 years of the contract.

serious charge

After investigating the contracts of Globo’s service providers such as actresses, actors, directors and authors, the Internal Revenue Service identified evidence of tax crime and sent a “tax representation for criminal purposes” against the channel to the Federal Public Ministry.

Four executives from Globo’s top management were appointed as responsible for the PJ (legal entity) contracts. To the MP, the Revenue stated that the service providers acted “in collusion with Globo” to forge an employment relationship, with the aim of paying less taxes.

In June, in a note sent to RD1, Globo’s press office reported the following:

“It is important to emphasize that all forms of contracting practiced by the company are within the law and all applicable taxes are paid regularly. The matter failed to clarify that the assessments refer to periods prior to 2019, and, regarding the aforementioned executives, all hired under the CLT regime, it is customary for the Internal Revenue to list statutory directors in cases where they charge an ‘aggravated fine’. Globo trusts that, in the judgment of its administrative defense, the assessments will be fully reversed, prevailing the understanding already settled in the STF on the matter”.

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