Liesa announces the date to reserve the frisas for the 2022 fashion shows

On September 16, 2021, the Independent League of Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro receives requests for pre-booking of frisas for the 2022 Carnival parades. Special Group schools will perform at the Sambódromo on Carnival Sunday, 02/27/2022; on Monday, 02/28/2022 and on Champions’ Saturday, 03/05/2022.

Step by step:

1 – After entering the website, click on the Banner (Pre-reservation of Frisas) and fill in the form fields with your data;

2 – Enter your request and click on CONFIRM.

3 – On the next screen you will receive a protocol number with your request containing the date and time of receipt, which you must accept, completing this step of the process.

4 – From 10/14/2021 until 10/17/2021, by telephone: (21) 3190-2100 and/or at the Liesa Service Center, located at Rua da Alfandega, 25, ljs A, B and C – Center, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, information on the recipients will be made available;

5 – We remind you that the service will be carried out in order of arrival of the orders, according to the capacity limit of each sector of Avenida dos Desfiles;

6 – Anyone who has a confirmed pre-booking request must make full payment of their order through a Bank slip (issued/favored “SPR Sistemas de Controle”, a company hired by Liesa especially for this purpose) and which will be sent to the e-mail registered by the interested party, with expiration until October 22, 2021, thus confirming the acquisition of the desired Frisa(s), under penalty of, not doing so, forfeiting this right;

7 – Depending on the number of unpaid reservations, Liesa will make a new call to unserved applicants, as well as be able to put the remaining balance for sale on the Internet;

8 – As of 02/17/2022, frisas buyers will be able to collect their tickets at Central Liesa – Rua da Alfândega, 25 – ljs A, B and C – Downtown – from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am at 4:30 pm, presenting receipt and identity or, if by a third party, by means of an authorization document with notarized signature.



A – If at the event there is a determination to observe protocols, they must be complied with by all participants in the event;

B – If by chance the Parades do not occur during the Carnival period because of the Pandemic, it is already agreed with RIOTUR / City Hall to carry out the Parades on the second weekend of the month of July/ 2022.


Email: [email protected]
LIESA Service and Sales Center
Rua da Alfândega, 25 – stores A, B and C – Downtown Rio
Telephone Service Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tel.: (21) 3190-2100