Looking forward to Windows 11? Site lets you try the system without installing anything

Windows 11 is awaited by many, but the various requirements and its current exclusive availability in the Windows Insider program prevent most people from trying the operating system and drawing their own conclusions. Fortunately, for those who just want to take a look, an interesting alternative that runs directly from the browser was created, Windows 11 in React.

The creation of the developer known as Blue Edge is basically the Windows 11 interface in web version. The site is bundled with the most striking features of the Microsoft operating system: centralized Start Menu, rounded corners, widgets and even a working (but limited) version of the Edge.

Windows 11 in React introduces basic functions of the new OS interface, but doesn’t go much further than that (Capture: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

As soon as the user accesses the page, they are faced with the desktop of the new OS and its familiar wallpaper. From there, he has quick access to the project’s main functions — which aren’t many at the moment. Some areas, however, remain inaccessible, such as the File Explorer.

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According to the description on GitHub, the project was developed like any web application, using React, CSS and JavaScript. Blue Edge comments that the “Windows 11 web version” was built in almost two weeks — with six of those days spent just on programming.

A good canaltecher you’ll soon remember that another similar application was found on the web weeks ago. A programmer imagined what Windows 96, an unreleased version of the operating system, would look like in a browser-accessible application. The experience with Windows 11 in React is much more basic, so it might be more interesting to download and install the system in a virtual machine.

Interested? Access Windows 11 in React yourself and leave your impressions below, in the comments field.

Source: Blue Edge (GitHub), Windows 11 in React

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