Luana Piovani is unaware of Brazilian painting during her trip to Italy

Luana Piovani used social media to tell followers that he was embarrassed in a restaurant, during his trip to Italy, with boyfriend Lucas Bitencourt. The actress questioned the waiter about the origin of a painting, hanging on a wall in the restaurant.

“I sat down to eat and looked at that painting. A library, movie stuff. I said ‘please’, why am I like that, curious, ‘where is this place?’ because I thought ‘wow, I’ve been here to Florence so many times and I’ve never been there'”, she began to tell in a sequence of stories on Instagram.

The actress then lowered her head, apparently embarrassed, and said right away: “Stay in Brazil. What a thing, right?”. Piovani justified himself due to the lack of “habit of making tourist programs in Brazil”. “I like a lot of traveling around Brazil, doing programs to get to know nature, but these programs, I end up not doing much.”

The moment was shared on the Instagram profile New Memeseum and criticized by several internet users. “Guys, I tried to laugh, but what a shame,” said a follower. “People look what a promising market there!! Tourist guide for Brazilian women without national cultural “habits”“, joked another. “And you’re going to leave Leblon to see something downtown? Better to beat Firenze,” said one more.

Internet users criticize the actress' lack of knowledge - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Internet users criticize the actress’ lack of knowledge

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

The place shown in the frame is the Royal Portuguese Reading Office, located in the center of Rio de Janeiro.