Luciano Huck will have something that Faustão didn’t get at Globo; know what

Luciano Huck will have Domingão with more space in the schedule than Faustão (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Luciano Huck will have Domingão with more space in the schedule than Faustão (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Luciano Huck will have something that Faustian wished in Globe, but failed: more space for Sunday. With the new presenter, the program will once again have a longer duration, pushing Fantástico to later.

Since Globo stopped recordings because of the pandemic last year, Domingão lost an hour of duration and ended at 20h. Until then, the attraction led by Fausto Silva ended at 9 pm.

The decision was taken by the station due to the fact that the attraction started to live on reruns and also to prioritize journalism with Fantástico, which started to come on at 8 pm, gaining more air time.

Globo privileges Luciano Huck

When the recordings were resumed and Faustão returned to having unprecedented content on his Sunday, it continued to be only 1h55 in length. He never hid that his wish was to have more time, returning to stay almost three hours in the air. But Globo never gave in to the presenter’s wishes.

Fausto Silva spent his last months on Globo having to be content with spending less than 2 hours on the air. Nonetheless, with Luciano Huck the situation changed. Prestigious on the broadcaster, he will have more air time.

Globo defined its new programming schedule for the weekend. Scheduled for its premiere on September 5th, Domingão with Huck will continue to air at 18:05. But the Sunday will gain another thirty minutes in length, remaining on the air until 8:30 pm.

Globo's new weekend schedule (Photo: Reproduction)

With this change, the Fantastic was pushed to later. However, the electronic magazine presented by Tadeu Schmidt and Poliana Abritta will not lose space. To make up for the thirty minutes given to Huck, the journalist will once again close at 23:25, as was the case before.

If on Sundays Globo gave more space to the new attraction, on saturdays the opposite happened. Unlike Huck, who was on the air for 2:40 am, from 4:00 pm to 6:40 pm, Marcos Mion will have less air time.

shortened cauldron

Scheduled for release on September 4th, the new Cauldron will lose an hour of its duration. With the new Saturday schedule, which will have the return of the Saturday Session at 3:15 pm, taking the place of Se Joga (which was discontinued), the program will go on air at 4:55 pm. Mion will deliver for the telenovela from six to 18:35, staying on the air for just over an hour and a half.

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