Lucio Mauro Filho leads musical challenge at Caldeirão with Marcos Mion · TV News

Scheduled for its premiere on September 4 on Saturday afternoons at Globo, the new Caldeirão will have a painting commanded by Lucio Mauro Filho. In the program that will be presented by Marcos Mion until the end of the year, the actor will participate in a musical challenge.

Lucio will be the vocalist of the band called Sobe o Som. The competition will bring together two duos, who will have to guess songs by listening to only some parts of the melodies. The instruments will be inserted progressively. The information comes from columnist Patrícia Kogut, from O Globo newspaper.

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Marcos Mion recorded his first Caldeirão on Thursday (26). The attraction will also continue with the Tem or Não Tem, which will return redesigned with celebrities among its participants.

The ex-Record will present yet another version of what he did in MTV’s Worst Clips in the World. Called Isto a Globo Mostra, the painting is nothing more than Mion in a chroma-key analyzing curious and funny scenes. Now he will make fun of the new house programs.

Mion will take over the Cauldron to replace Luciano Huck, who will become Domingão’s commander the following day.