Lula tours Salvador and criticizes Bolsonaro’s administration

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), 75, visited the Narandiba polyclinic, in Salvador, this Thursday (26). He arrived at the unit around 10:30 am, greeted supporters, and watched an institutional video. Then, he toured the new structure and visited the unit’s dependencies. He will remain in town until this Friday (27).

A group of supporters was waiting for the former president at the unit’s door, with banners and posters in support of the politician. He entered the car unit and upon getting out of the vehicle was surrounded by politicians and advisers. The governor of Bahia, Rui Costa (PT), and former governor Jacques Wagner (PT) were also present.

The visit to the premises of the new polyclinic cannot be followed by the press and lasted about 40 minutes. On his return, Lula said that he was in all nine states in the Northeast, in recent weeks, to talk with political leaders and identify the main demands of each population. Bahia was the last state visited.

He answered questions about poverty, the economy, security and harshly criticized the federal government. The former president said that there is a lack of investments in infrastructure and health, and that inflation started to grow again due to the lack of concrete actions by the current administration.

“How many years have Brazilians not heard a word of hope in this country? They don’t talk about hunger, unemployment, work and wages. The only thing they know is trying to dismantle the public heritage that the people have built over decades. They have already sold BR, they have already privatized Eletrobrás, they want to privatize the Correios, they want to slice up the refineries, and they are destroying all the oil production capacity in the Northeast. So, the country is not growing again”, he stated.

The speech was endorsed by Governor Rui Costa who accused the Bolsonaro government of spreading fake news to try to shift the focus from management problems, and demanded more action from the Union.

Later, Lula had lunch with political leaders, and will also pay a visit to Senzala do Barro Preto, the headquarters of Ilê Aiyê, in Liberdade. The caravan carried out by the PT in the Northeast signals the possible dispute for the Planalto Palace, in 2022, and will end in Bahia this Friday.