Made to be bitten! Nubank launches NuDog “toy card” for puppies

O Nubank and the pet products company Zee.Dog launched, this Thursday (26), a rubber card with the color and design of the digital bank made to be bitten by their customers’ pet dogs.

Called NuDog, the toy was created after more than 6,000 fintech customers reported that their four-legged friends destroyed the magnetic cards.

The date chosen for the product launch was World Dog Day, celebrated on August 26th. According to Nubank, NuDog was developed to be the ideal card for pets to bite all you want.

In the rubber toy, all purple, in the shape of a card, it is also possible to insert snacks. This way, in addition to keeping the dog busy and having fun, it is possible to give him a reward.

“The cases involving the attraction of dogs to the purple one made us see that not only humans, but also pets, love our card,” said Nubank’s Director of Customer Engagement, Paulo Vendramini.

According to fintech, NuDog is now available to buy directly from the “Nude Shop“, the e-commerce of the digital bank, for BRL 49.90 (freight not included).

It is also possible to purchase the product on the Zee.Dog website and on the Zee.Now app, which operates in 12 cities across the country with home delivery. It is worth noting that the toy is a limited edition.

Also according to Nubank, proceeds from sales of NuDog toys will revert to the Friends of San Francisco Association, a non-profit organization that helps shelter animals in situations of abandonment or abuse and promotes their adoption.

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