Maranhense says he has ‘colorful friendship’ with Whindersson Nunes, reveals columnist – Zoeira

Elisa Ramalho, 22, born in Nova Olinda in the Maranhão, is the new “girl of the eyes” from Whindersson Nunes. The woman from Maranhão said she exchanged affectionate messages with Whindersson Nunes, in an interview with columnist Fábia Oliveira. She has lived for just a month in Aripuanã, Mato Grosso.

In an interview, the young woman said that she has been following the person from Piauí since 2013 — when he went to do a show in Maranhão. “It was wonderful to be able to see him up close, the most magical moment of my life. Only, a couple of years ago, something stronger awoke, so I looked for him, and we started talking.”

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Maria Lina and Whindersson Nunes have already vented on social networks about the loss of a child

Simaria and Whindersson Nunes

In the chat with the columnist, Elisa Ramalho said that conversations diminished soon after the comedian engaged Maria Lina. The messages between the two only returned with the separation news. “I can even call it a colorful friendship,” said Elise Ramalho to columnist.

“As far as I can see, something might happen this time, and I don’t want to spoil it. He’s been sincere, sweet, we talk directly through WhatsApp,” said the young woman.

The columnist said she sought out Whindersson Nunes to talk about the matter, but got no response.

Humorist finished romance in August

Whindersson Nunes and Maria Lina on a boat at sea

Subtitle: Presenter asked in post that the ex-fiancée not be attacked

Photograph: playback/Instagram

The comedian Whindersson Nunes announced, on August 13, that he had split from university student Maria Lina. “It’s sad to say and I don’t even know why I have to say it, but me and Maria aren’t together anymore,” he revealed in an Instagram post. The couple had been engaged since March.

In the publication with the announcement of the termination, Whindersson asked that Maria not be attacked. He chose to address his followers as “you”, scoring not to address himself by asking “no one to attack” because the evil “is out there and it won’t stop”.