Marcos Mion records for the first time the new ‘Caldeirão’: ‘Thank you, my God, for giving me this dream’ | cauldron

Oops! Marcos Mion in the area! That’s right! 🎉🎉🎉The presenter records for the first time this Thursday, 8/26, the new cauldron. On social networks, he posted his arrival at Globo Studios for the big day.

“Coming to record my first ‘Caldeirão’! On TV Globo! 💪🏻 Thank you, my God, for granting me this dream! Holy Cross be my light! 🙏🏻Who do you think will be my first guests❓”, he wrote.

Following the security protocols against Covid-19, Mion took the PCR test and showed it on the networks. With a negative result, he went to the studio and proudly showed his dressing room at Globo. He insisted on going in with the right foot and reminded Gil do Vigor:

“Let me rejoice in this moment! I’m in force!” 🤣

Marcos Mion takes Covid-19 test to record new ‘Caldeirão’ — Photo: Playback / Instagram

Marcos Mion shows the entrance of his dressing room at Globo — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In the dressing room, Mion found flowers sent by Boninho and the crew of the new “Caldeirão”. 💐

“On behalf of the entire team, we wish you to shine on Saturday afternoons and that you continue to be by our side for many years. Receive our great affection. Nice and team.”

Flowers for Marcos Mion in his dressing room at Globo — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“The Boninho knows how long, how much anxiety, how much desire, how much prayer, how much work and belief to get to this moment. Read a card from this guy I dreamed of working with, wanted, admired, freaked out and enjoyed… Wordless , What a day!”

After lunch, it’s time to start work. Mion goes through the characterization.

Mion undergoes characterization for the recording of its first ‘Caldeirão’ — Photo: reproduction/instagram

The “Cauldron” with Mion in charge will have new frames. The unreleased “Sobe o Som” will air, in which guests only have to guess the song by the melody, and “Iso a Globo Mostra”, in which the presenter will comment with great humor on important scenes from TV Globo’s programming.

The already known by the public “Has or doesn’t have”, will return redesigned with celebrities among its participants.