Market Guru Bets on Tesla Cybertruck Failure

There’s something that can be as big as Tesla’s and Elon Musk’s fan base, the number of people cheering against the electric car maker, and its bold bets on the auto market. An example of this phenomenon is Tesla Cybertruck, which has not even officially hit the streets, but there are already many people betting on its success as well as its failure.

The electric pickup’s biggest sticking point is its, let’s say, quirky appearance, and the last person to criticize the model’s boxy design and bet on Cybertruck’s commercial failure was the financial market guru and host of the network’s Mad Money show. American TV CNBC, Jim Cramer. According to him, Tesla Cybertruck will be Elon Musk’s first disaster.


Ford F-150 Ligntning loading in garage
Jim Cramer argued that anyone who needed a pickup should buy an F-150. Credit: Ford/Disclosure

During an interview, Cramer argued that it would be better to buy an F-150, a Ford pickup that will soon get an electric version. According to him, a person would need to love Tesla a lot to buy a Cybertruck. The presenter pondered that he still likes Tesla and admires the carmaker’s other models, but he believes the pickup will be a major commercial failure.

In a light tone, Cramer described the Cybertruck as an eyesore and said that other drivers will be scared when they come across one of them on the road. However, reality doesn’t really support Jim Cramer’s thesis, as an online sales tracker has pointed out a potential 1.25 million pre-orders of the model so far.

Isn’t it already a success?

Pre-orders will not necessarily convert to a sale, but they are an indication that there is interest on the part of buyers to have a Tesla Cybertruck in the garage once it is in stores. But the TV star isn’t alone in his fears of a possible failure of the truck, and even Elon Musk has already shown some distrust.

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Last month, Tesla’s CEO wrote on Twitter that there’s always some chance that Cybertruck will fail, and that’s because the truck is so different from anything else seen in the auto market. But Musk added that even if the model fails, he will still love the truck, even if customers don’t.

Via: Inside EVs

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