Miguel Ángel Ramírez says he made a mistake when signing with Inter: ‘I was wrong’

(Photo: Ricardo Duarte/International)

the spanish coach Miguel Angel Ramirez, currently at Charlotte FC, of ​​the MLS (US football league), spoke this Thursday about his passage through the International in an interview with Ecuadorian TV channel Conexión DirecTV. Just over two months after his departure from the Colorado club, Ramírez has expressed regret at having signed at the start of the current season. He also said that only Red Bull Bragantino and Athletico-PR are consistent in the use of the word “project” in Brazil.

“It was a stage of learning, of growth. And also (it served) for me to realize where I want to be and where I don’t, what I can be good at and what I can’t. I’m not good for doing things anyway”, said the Spaniard, on a visit to training at Independiente Del Valle, where he was champion of the 2019 Copa Sudamericana.

Ramírez stated that he did not know the behind-the-scenes of Internacional and that this made him choose the Porto Alegre club. After success at the front of Independiente Del Valle, he was desired by other clubs in Brazil, such as Palmeiras, and in South America.

“If I had information about what was inside the club, I could have chosen my destiny better,” said the coach, without going into details about what he was referring to. “Being inside, I felt that I was wrong. But if it was like that, it was because I had to go through this experience,” he added.

The coach, however, guaranteed to have a good relationship on a daily basis at Internacional. “We had beautiful moments. We had a very good relationship with the employees and with the players,” said Ramírez

Hired to lead Internacional for two seasons, the Spaniard’s passage lasted 101 days. The coach was fired after the defeat by 3-1 to Vitória, in the middle of the Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre, which cost him elimination in the third phase of the Copa do Brasil.

At the time, Ramírez was on leave for having contracted the new coronavirus. The Spanish coach led the club in 21 matches. There were 10 wins, four draws and seven defeats, with a total of 53.9% of success.