Millionaire investigated by “pyramid” used oranges in luxury car fleet

Rio de Janeiro – Arrested by the Federal Police this Wednesday (8/25) for fraud with the financial coup known as the “pyramid”, former waiter Glaidson Acácio dos Santos is also investigated by the Civil Police of Rio for moving R$ 7 billion with the financial transactions of your company.

The investigators’ attention was also drawn to the assets indirectly associated with Glaidson Santos, such as a Lamborghini Urus, valued at around R$ 2.5 million in the Brazilian car market.


The fleet also includes models from the brands BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Toyota and Tesla. Together, the vehicles reach an amount above R$ 5 million.

According to the investigation by the General Department for Combating Corruption, Organized Crime and Money Laundering and the Special Action Group in Combating Organized Crime (of the Public Ministry of the State of Rio), so as not to draw attention, Glaidson Santos it would have left the ownership certificates of all vehicles in the name of third parties, the so-called “oranges”.

Glaidson’s main company is GAS Consultoria, located in Cabo Frio, in the Lagos region of the state of Rio.

Pyramid and cryptocurrencies

To commit the scams, he offered investments at a profit of 10% per month – in financial transactions based on the scam model known as the pyramid – which is based on attracting a growing number of investors with the promise of exponential benefits in an unsustainable operating model. .

Another front of Glaidson’s business under investigation by the Rio police is investments in the cryptocurrency market.

The frauds resulted in the Kryptos operation triggered this Wednesday (8/25) by the Federal Police. Approximately R$ 150 million in digital currency were seized. Digital accounts totaling 591 bitcoins were located in the action. Each bitcoin is quoted at around R$ 255,000.

Just at the house of the main target, the former waiter, in Barra da Tijuca, on the west side, the Federal Police found bags of money that totaled more than R$ 13 million.

In total, 21 luxury cars were seized at a workshop in Cabo Frio.

According to the Civil Police, Claidson tried to be discreet on social networks. But he liked boat rides around the Lakes Region, lived in a house valued at R$ 9 million, in Cabo Frio, and enjoyed wild parties, such as the celebration of his birthday in February with a concert by country singer João Gabriel, in Angra dos Reis, Costa Verde region.

from waiter to businessman

In 2014, Glaidson worked as a waiter with a salary of R$800. The turnaround happened when he started operating in the investment market the following year when he created GAS Consultoria. Today, he is a partner in a total of four companies, two in Rio and two in São Paulo.

Glaidson had a preventive detention decreed by the Federal Court with six other people, including his wife and partner, Venezuelan Mirelis Yoseline Diaz Zerpa.