Mion gets emotional with the recording of the first program on Globo

Marcos Mion, 42, recorded today for the first time the new “Caldeirão” on TV Globo – which is scheduled to premiere on September 4th. The presenter used social networks to record his steps within the station and did not hide his accomplishment with the realization of his dream.

Through Twitter, Mion posted a video of the moment he arrived at the Rio station for recording. “Coming to record my first “Caldeirão” on TV Globo! Thank you, my God, for giving me this dream! Holy Cross be my light! Who do you think will be my first guests”, he wrote.

Mion shows PCR test before starting Cauldron recordings - Playback/Instagram - Playback/Instagram

Mion shows PCR test before beginning Cauldron recordings

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Then Mion was taken to do the PCR test, following the safety protocols against covid-19, and showed on social networks that the result was negative. He even played using a famous catchphrase by Gil do Vigor – formerly “BBB 21”.

“Let me rejoice in this moment! I’m in force!”, he said.

The presenter, then, was received by the team of the new “Caldeirão” and made a point of displaying his registered name on the dressing room door. Inside the place, he received flowers sent by Boninho and the attraction’s team.

“On behalf of the entire team, we wish you to shine on Saturday afternoons and that you continue to be by our side for many years. Receive our great affection. Nice and team”, he says in the text of the letter.

Mion was moved by the reception of the production of “Caldeirão” and thanked the opportunity to have a program on Rede Globo.

Boninho knows how long ago, how much anxiety, how much desire, how much prayer, how much work and belief to reach this moment. Reading a card from this guy I dreamed of working with, wanted, admired, freaked out and enjoyed… Wordless, what a day!

Mion receives flowers and a letter from Boninho in the dressing room - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Mion receives flowers and a letter from Boninho in the dressing room

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Globo also informed that “Caldeirão” will also have new paintings. From September 4th, the unreleased ‘Essa Você Sabe’ will be aired, in which guests need to guess the song just by the melody, ‘This a Globo shows’, in which the temporary presenter comments with great humor striking scenes of the program TV Globo and the already known audience ‘Has it or not’, now redesigned with celebrities among its participants.

“Caldeirão” airs on Saturdays, after ‘Sessão de Sábado’, and will have artistic direction by LP Simonetti, general direction by Geninho Simonetti and genre direction by Boninho.