Naiara Azevedo rocks Leo Dias: ‘I’ve always felt sorry for you’ | celebrities

Naiara Azevedo detonates Léo Dias
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Naiara Azevedo detonates Léo Dias

After columnist Leo Dias published that the marriage of Naiara Azevedo and Rafael Cabral came to an end, the country singer used social media to detonate the journalist this Friday morning (27).

According to Naiara, Leo Dias likes to cause conflict in the lives of others. “I got a screenshot of a post Leo Dias made. I wanted to talk about it in person, Leo, but since you like to expose people on your networks, I’ll use mine to talk to you. First: I’ve always felt so sorry for you . It must be very difficult to be a person hated by everyone,” began the singer.

The owner of the hit “50 reais” said she is not afraid of the journalist. “You can be sure that the vast majority are just beside you out of fear. Afraid you’ll speak ill of them, but I’m not afraid of you. The only fear I have on earth is God,” Naiara continued through the stories.

Naiara Azevedo recalled the day she met Leo and wished the journalist peace. “The day I had the opportunity to be with you personally I could feel how heavy your energy is. How much sadness you carry. I’m not angry at you and I can’t feel anything but pity.”

Leo Dias published, this Friday morning (27), that the singer ended her nine-year relationship with Rafael Cabral. The two had been married for nearly five years and, according to Leo, had been facing a relationship crisis since July. Naiara confirmed the end of the relationship through social networks and denied any kind of fight at the end.