Naiara Azevedo’s marriage comes to an end

About to complete five years of marriage, Naiara Azevedo and Rafael Cabral separated. The two had been going through a crisis since the beginning of July, but the column found that the last fight – among the many they had during the union – was decisive.

The column sought out the singer’s advice, who said she didn’t know anything about the current status of the relationship.


Naiara and Rafael have been separated for ten days and each went on a different journey. She’s recording content for a new job, and he’s opted to follow a new duo that he’s managing.

Adding the time of dating and marriage, they were eight years together. In October 2020, on the day they celebrated four years of marriage, Naiara admitted that their relationship was troubled and that they fought a lot. Furthermore, he acknowledged that he is not an easy person to deal with.

50 reais

Biggest hit of her career, 50 reais was written by Naiara Azevedo and four other composers, who were based on a story of betrayal she lived with an ex-boyfriend.

“He (the ex-boyfriend) went out and left a social network open on my computer. I saw a lot of interesting conversations and it made me snap. (…) I went to knock on his apartment door. I knocked and thought: ‘I already know what I’m going to see here, so I’ll be prepared. I went in and made the final”, said the singer in an interview with Tatá Werneck, on Lady Night, in 2019.

Update: the two published about the end of the relationship on social networks. Check out the posts: