Nathalia Dill appears with her baby and reveals that the 1st tooth was born

Actress Nathalia Dill talked about what happened when she was breastfeeding Eva, seven months old

The actress Nathalia Dill he told the fans about a perrengue that he passed along with his daughter. She is the mother of a baby just seven months old. Eva is the result of Nathalia’s relationship with the musician Pedro Curvello. The little one is the couple’s first child.

Often, the famous shares on social networks part of her routine with the baby. In addition to some challenging moments of motherhood. This Wednesday (25), the actress told an unusual situation that she lived with her daughter.

“I’m here because something happened that I feared from the beginning”, he said Nathalia Dill. Then she gave more details of what happened. “Eva’s little teeth were born and I went to breastfeed. She bit me, even blood came out. But, I’m here to say I’m alive and I’m fine! That’s basically it”, he added.

From the beginning of her pregnancy, the actress revealed that her great desire was to breastfeed. She was even recently caught feeding Eva in a public square in Rio de Janeiro, the city where she lives with her family.

In this ocasion, Nathalia Dill she went out for a walk with her husband and daughter. After the walk, she sat down next to a park playground and nursed the baby. Leaving the place minutes later. But without escaping the cameras of the paparazzi.

The little girl’s resemblance to her mother caught the attention of fans. “What a doll! Beautiful as my mother”, wrote an Internet user. While another person noted: “my God! She is a mix of parents. Which are very similar, by the way.”

Another internet user took the opportunity to share her own experience with breastfeeding. “It’s not easy, but it’s really worth it. I’m already with my second child”, he said. Another fan of the actress said: “nothing instinctive like many women think. It takes a lot of study, support and daily effort to get it flowing. Beautiful photograph”.

Nathalia Dill nursed the baby, after a walk with her husband and daughter

AgNews Actress Nathalia Dill breastfeeding Eva in a small square in Rio de Janeiro

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