National Treasury opens FGTS debt in installments

Individuals and companies that have less than BRL 1 million in debts with the Employment Compensation Fund (FGTS) enrolled in the Active Debt of the Union have until November 30 to request a new installment proposed by the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury (PGFN). The agency published today (25) a notice with the deadline for adhesion and the conditions for renegotiation.

The adhesion started today and can be done on the Caixa Econômica Federal page dedicated to the FGTS, option “Transaction”, for individuals, active companies, micro and small companies, Santas Casas and other civil society organizations. Inactive companies, with bankruptcy, in extrajudicial recovery, judicial liquidation or intervention must request the installment payment in the site Regularize PGFN.

Debtors must give up any lawsuits and previous installments to join the renegotiation. The minimum installments will be R$ 445.57 for individuals and companies in general and R$ 222.78 for micro and small businesses. The approval of the installment payment is subject to the payment of the first installment, or the single installment, within 30 days after the signing of the agreement.

Discounts vary depending on the type of company and the number of installments requested. Legal entities opting for any of the transaction modalities in the active debt of the Union will have a 50% reduction of the total debt amount. The discount drops to 5% for those who choose to pay down payment equivalent to the entire rescission FGTS debts and divide the remaining balance in up to 83 months, with 79 months to settle the amount owed to the workers and four months to settle the amounts due exclusively to the FGTS.

For individuals, micro and small businesses, Santas Casas, cooperatives, educational institutions and civil society organizations, the discount will start at 70% for those who pay a single installment. Whoever submits an entry equivalent to all the rescission FGTS debts and divides the remainder in up to 144 months, with 139 months to settle the amount owed to the workers and five months to settle the amounts due exclusively to the Fund, applying a reduction of up to 5% (five per cent).