Neto is not only irritated with Volpi and criticizes Zetti’s “slowness” in São Paulo: “You’re kidding me”

São Paulo got complicated in the Copa do Brasil. If, by the 37th minute of the second half, Hernan Crespo’s team had a spot practically headed for the semifinal of the competition, things began to change direction in the next minute. Fortaleza, Tricolor’s opponent in this tie, went after the tie and with the help of Tiago Volpi, who failed again for Soberano, ended up leaving Morumbi this Wednesday (25), with a 2-2 draw and now the decision stayed for the Arena Castelão, in Ceará.

In addition to the fans, Neto also criticized the São Paulo goalkeeper. This Thursday (26), the host of the program Os Donos da Bola once again stated that the archer is unable to be the title holder of the São Paulo team and called him “Bracinho de Jacaré”

“The São Paulo people think they are sovereign, they came up with this ‘sovereign’ clown, of thinking they’re better than Corinthians, XV de Piracicaba, than City, than Palmeiras… But let me say something: how long has it been? I say that Tiago Volpi is a van driver? Alligator arm? Who is not a goalkeeper to play for São Paulo. Look at the goalkeepers that São Paulo has had“, said Neto during his program on TV Bandeirantes.

Neto criticized Zetti’s stance. Photo: Disclosure/Band

The former player also did not forgive goalkeeper coach Zetti. In Neto’s opinion, the professional should have already “getted” that the goalkeeper is no longer able to be a starter for São Paulo and is wasting time in not indicating a new reinforcement to the club for this position.

“Oh, Zetti, you’re kidding me. It’s not because you’re my friend that I won’t beat you down. You’re a two-time world champion goalkeeper, don’t you know that Tiago Volpi can’t be Sao Paulo’s goalkeeper? reservation is even worse”, completed.

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