Nine months pregnant, Thaeme has an accident and ends up in hospital | Fabia Oliveira

Fábio Elias and Thaeme Mariôto

Fábio Elias and Thaeme Mariôto

This Thursday (26), Thaeme talked to the followers about a scare that took him last Wednesday night (25). In the final stretch of pregnancy with her second daughter, Ivy, the singer revealed that a heavy box ended up hitting her belly and, therefore, she had to go to the hospital.

“We had a little scare and went to the maternity hospital because of it. In fact, we were dealing with some boxes here at home, big and heavy boxes. And there was one that had the crib inside and I asked my husband [Fábio] take it off for me to leave it mounted. And, in what he took off, it turned with everything and it was really heavy”, she began.

“He didn’t see that I was behind. I just came in, I wasn’t in that position before. And then he hit the corner of the box with everything in my belly. Poor thing, imagine his fright. I got scared, Ivy looked really scared, I could tell, she started to move nonstop. As I had had an ultrasound done the day before, I knew the position he was in, and I believe he hit her in the back. That’s why she scared, I don’t know if she was asleep at the time, because the blow was big”, he continued.

“They are very well protected, there are several barriers here, but it’s already very tight, I think that’s why she scared. What I felt: She started to move non-stop and it felt like she was panting. We know they don’t breathe in there, but the scare was big. From Liz, I didn’t go through anything like that, so it was a new situation for me, but I even researched if other mothers have also felt it. It felt like breathing training. I went to the maternity hospital and everything is fine. I had an ultrasound and there was no detachment, but everything is super fine. God protected”, concluded Thaeme, who is married to Fábio Elias. The two are already parents of two-year-old Liz.