No extinction! Globo defines new season of Malhação; know everything

Eduardo and Marcos de Carvalho authors of Malhação – Eu Quero É Ser Feliz; Globo keeps soap opera on the grid in 2022 (Image: Reproduction / YouTube)

THE Globe will not extinguish Workout, as aired in recent days due to the cancellation of Transformação, a season signed by Márcia Prates and Priscila Steinman. The broadcaster has even defined the next unprecedented phase of the soap opera. I want to be happy, from the twin brothers Eduardo and Marcos Carvalho, takes over the track next year – possibly after the rerun of Sonhos (2014).

Globo has not yet responded to the query in this column of the RD1 about the subject. The text will be updated as soon as you do.

Eduardo and Marcos were born in Morro do Salgueiro, Rio de Janeiro, and studied Cinema at PUC-RJ. The two produced short films such as Boa Noite, Charles (2015) and Chico (2016); the latter awarded the Candango for best direction and best sound at the Brasília Festival. Me, Minha Mãe e Wallace (2018) won the same award, in the category best short film.

Details about the plot of Eu Quero é Ser Feliz are not yet known. It can be expected, however, for new talents, one of Malhação’s trademarks. It should be noted that the new season was already in the queue. The prediction was, precisely, that the phase under the command of Eduardo and Marcos Carvalho would replace the one now cancelled, definitively, Transformação.

In recent days, by the way, different versions of the soap opera have circulated on TV portals. The rumors about the change of Malhação for a “youth program” or the delivery of Vale a Pena Ver again for the 6:00 pm serial are unfounded. A season, when successful, like the title being rerun in the classic Globo session, fulfills the objective of boosting the prime time audience.

Duh dry

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