No way out, Manoel warns José Alfredo about Cora

Blush (Marjorie Estiano) seems to be willing to do anything to find José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero), since she is sure he is alive. she has been pressing Manoel (Jackson Antunes), that alerts the commander in the next chapters of the telenovela Empire, currently unhidden by TV Globo.

I guarantee she won’t budge, she’ll be on duty downstairs. As you know I don’t like arguing with crazy people, I left her talking to herself and came to let you know”, account Manoel. “I guarantee she’s on the brink of discovering me”, fears José Alfredo.

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I think I have an idea to solve this. I’ll say that the bar went into construction…”, tries to suggest Manuel, who is interrupted. “Not! Not! She will laugh at this excuse. She knows very well that you’ve just done a work”, alerts the commander. “Don’t be for that! To save your skin, I’ll invent anything”, says the merchant.

It is not necessary! As soon as the result of the exhumation comes out, Cora gives up. Like everyone else, no one will remember that I existed”, fans José Alfredo. “Sorry for the sincerity, but the friend is unforgettable”, says Manuel. “Thank you very much for the part that touches me, but it’s not true.

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