Nubank’s card for ‘catioros’ is a hit on the networks

Nubank launches 'card for dogs to bite as much as they want'.

Nubank launches ‘card for dog to bite as much as you like’.

After the Nubank toy was announced, in partnership with Zee.Dog, not only the little dogs were happy. Parents and mothers of pets were expressing thanks – or complaints – on Twitter this Thursday afternoon.

For those who don’t know, NuDog is a toy that resembles the purple card of the digital bank. The novelty is available from this Thursday, 26th, World Dog Day. For 49.90 reais, consumers from all over Brazil can purchase NuDog at the bank’s store or on Zee’s app, which operates in 12 cities.

The toy was developed to be the card that pets can bite as much as they want. The product is made of rubber and has rounded edges, in addition to having an opening for snacks.

Twitter users interacted with the bank’s social network account – which changed the profile avatar to a purple stamp with a bite – in allusion to a dog bite.

But not everyone found the value affordable.

Cards with damage

Over the past eight years, Nubank recorded more than 6,600 contacts of customers who reported some type of damage to their cards.

“The cases involving the attraction of dogs to the card was what made us look for a safe alternative for this situation,” said Paulo Vendramini, director of customer engagement at Nubank, to the magazine Exam.

“We were very excited when Nubank approached us to help solve this problem. We know that pets are part of the family, and now they will have a new toy, which resembles the card for humans, but much more fun,” said Thadeu Diz, creative director and co-founder of Zee Dog, at the same magazine.

Profits from sales of the “cards” for the dogs will be donated to the Associação Amigos de San Francisco, a non-profit organization that helps shelter animals in situations of abandonment or abuse and promotes their adoption. The NGO will also benefit from other products sold at the Nubank store.