Pearl Abyss unveils gameplay from curious DokeV, its new open-world MMORPG ⋆

In December 2019, we called your attention (via MMORPGBR) to some information released by Pearl Abyss (creator of Black Desert Online), who pointed to a new project, called DokeV. At the time, we had some details revealed and certain promises, but after that, little was said about the game. Then yesterday, August 25, during the Opening Night Live gives Gamescom 2021, we had a nice sample of everything that the game can offer… let’s check the information?

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Making use of a nice presentation trailer (which you can check right below this post), Pearl Abyss gave a lot of details about the upcoming DokeV. By the way, the developer confirmed that the title should be released next year, for PC and mobile devices (there is still no specific date). According to the descriptions, the game will take place in a lush open world (which will be amazing, as indicated in the video) and players will have to capture and train creatures known as “Dokebi”. Yes, the idea goes back to the legendary Pokémon franchise, but it looks like we’ll have a different footprint, with a focus on world exploration and action-packed battles.

Despite the childlike appearance, Pearl Abyss revealed that the “Dokebi” are creatures of Korean mythology and folklore, that is, it is an adventure that will reveal details about the culture of the Asian country. In any case, the video also made it clear that we will have boss fights, transport vehicles, a fishing system and a host of special equipment. Anyway, DokeV has everything to please players who like the idea of ​​capturing creatures and training them. Furthermore, the constructions revealed a great level of quality, which makes the game an alternative that deserves full attention.

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