Portuguese airline evacuates Afghans

The Portuguese airline euroAtlantic airways (EAA) is carrying out a series of repatriation flights for Afghan and British citizens.


The flight was chartered by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom, which entrusted the mission to euroAtlantic airways, thus confirming the airline’s ability to carry out this type of operations.

Our planes and our crews are prepared to carry out these flights in total safety. The company is equipped to carry out this type of transport and the trust that has been placed in us is already recognized internationally to assist in this and other missions.”, highlights Eugénio Fernandes, CEO of euroAtlantic airways.

The aircraft used in this operation are Boeing 767-300ER. For now, two flights have been carried out, on the 22nd and 25th of August and the EAA plans to carry out another series of flights, yet to be confirmed. The route being taken by the Portuguese company is between Dubai and Birmingham.

In total, so far, euroAtlantic has transported more than 500 Afghan and British citizens, repatriated following the current situation in Afghanistan.

For the press office of euroAtlantic Airways