Posts announce modernization of parcel tracking system

The state company had also announced the implementation of a new system for tracking orders using radio frequency, a technology that allows real-time monitoring of the position of orders at distribution centers. This time the company announced that it is modernizing the shipment tracking platform in order to improve the user experience.

According to the Post, the new tracking page is more intuitive, even allowing to visualize the delivery forecast of the objects, a function that is enough to add it with the other statuses. When accessing the internal environment of the site using the login data 3 CPF/CNPJ and password — the user will be able to check their orders separately, that is, they will be organized according to their status, being ‘Delivered’ or ‘In transit.

The company also informed that the information is now clearer, indicating exactly which logistical process the product is in. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Correios application has also been updated, allowing you to assign a description to each order and share it through apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

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