Premiere of When Chama o Coração leaves Record in second place

when you call the heart
Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) in When You Call Your Heart (Image: Press Release / Record)

THE record debuted in the last wednesday (25) your new bet of the night, when you call the heart, series chosen to replace Topíssima’s rerun. On its first day, the production secured the vice-leadership in audience for the São Paulo channel.

On air from 9:53 pm to 11:16 pm,Quando Chama o Coração scored 9.8 points on average, 14.7 peak points and 15% share (number of televisions on), compared to 21.6 points for Globo, 8.3 for SBT , 1.5 from RedeTV! and 1.1 of Band.

Before, Genesis was the biggest audience on the program and the most watched serial outside Globo. Shown between 9:00 pm and 9:53 pm, the telenovela conquered 12.8 points of average, 15.2 peak points and 18% participation, against 25.8 points for Globo, 6.5 for SBT, 0.4 for Band and 0. 2 of RedeTV!.

The night was great, but the morning started off badly for Bishop’s TV. From 6:00 am to 7:30 am, the Manhã General Balance – National reached only 2.1 points of average, 2.9 points of peak and 11% share, compared to 8.1 points for Globo, 3.6 for SBT, 0.5 for Band and trace from RedeTV!.

Next, the Manhã SP General Balance raised the average to 3.2 points, but continued in third place. The journalist also raised 3.8 peak points and 12% share, against 9.7 points for Globo, 4.0 for SBT, 0.8 for Band and dash for RedeTV!.

Fala Brasil oscillated to 3.5 average points, 4.0 peak points and 12% share, compared to 8.0 points for Globo, 4.3 for SBT, 0.8 for Band and dash for RedeTV!. In third place, the TV news edition aired from 8:29 am to 10:00 am.

Throughout the day, Record presented Hoje em Dia (3.9), Jornal da Record 24h Manhã (4.3), General Balance Sheet SP (7.2), A Hora da Poisnosa (9.1), Prova de Amor (6.4), Alert City – National Part I (6.0), Alert City – National Part II (5.9), Alert City – National Part III (6.7), Jornal da Record 24h Afternoon (5 .7), Cidade Alerta SP (8.5), Jornal da Record (9.6), Ilha Record (7.1), Jornal da Record 24h Dawn (3.9) and Fala Que I Listen to You (3.9) ).

The data are consolidated by Ibope in Greater São Paulo.

Paulo Carvalho

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