President of América-SP seeks the police after suspicion of sale of results in the 4th division of SP | america-sp

América-SP registered this Thursday, in São José do Rio Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, a police report alleging that the club had been the victim of bettors and an alleged manipulation of the result in a game valid by second round of the fourth division of the Campeonato Paulista.

According to president Luiz Donizette Prieto, known as Italiano, members of the club’s board received audios after the defeat by Inter de Bebedouro, by 3-2, at the Teixeirão stadium, suggesting that the match had been ordered by a group of bettors (see the goals in the video above).

With five goals and one sending-off, the match was eventful in São José do Rio Preto. After 19 seconds of the ball rolling, América-SP opened the scoring. In the first half, Inter de Bebedouro turned. The team from Rio Preto got the tie before the break.

América-SP suffered an upset by Inter de Bebedouro in the additions of the match played in Rio Preto — Photo: Gustavo Bottini/6três Comunicação

In the second half, in a more balanced duel, América-SP ended up losing forward Paulo Vitor, sent off after 45 minutes and less than five minutes after entering the field. In the sequence, Inter de Bebedouro managed to score the third goal and leave with the victory of the Teixeirão stadium.

– I found it strange, America started well and could have scored three, four goals in 15 minutes. The team stopped and ended up suffering the upset, this cannot happen. We received after-game audios from people saying the game would be sold. Now we hope that the police can investigate, in addition to protecting America that has nothing to do with it – said the president.

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The way the team was defeated further irritated the managers. According to them, there was a clear drop in performance and apathy of América-SP players at a certain point in the game. Therefore, they expect help from the Civil Police and the São Paulo Football Federation (FPF) to investigate the case.

– We noticed that the team dropped a lot of performance and that some players were limping, they were apathetic. I can’t accuse anyone, nor would it be fair, but because of this suspicion that we are making the OR so that we can have an investigation into the case. We will take actions within what the investigations point out, we ask the delegate to speed up so that we can have an answer as soon as possible – said Emilio Ribeiro Lima, president of the Deliberative Council of America.

América-SP leaders at the police station registering a police report on suspicion of manipulation of results — Photo: Personal Archive/Emilio Lima

The police report, registered at the 1st Central of Flagrantes of São José do Rio Preto, was based on articles 41-C and 41-E of the Statute of the Fan, which deal with the sale or manipulation of results in sports competitions.

The Paulista Federation has a partnership with the company SportRadar, which monitors movements in betting exchanges. Sought by the report, the entity confirmed that it was informed about the alleged irregularity and started the internal investigation process (see the note in full below).

The FPF learned this Thursday (26) of a denunciation of an alleged case of attempted manipulation of the result in a valid match by the São Paulo Sub-23 Second Division and immediately started an investigation through the entity’s Integrity Committee and Internal Affairs.

Excerpt from the police report registered by América-SP — Photo: Reproduction

With two defeats in two games, América-SP is the lantern in Group 1 of the fourth division of the Campeonato Paulista. Founded in 1946, the Rio Preto team is one of the most traditional in São Paulo football, with 44 participations in the state elite, two in Serie A and another six in Serie B of the Brazilian Nationals. Since 2015, however, it is in the last division of São Paulo.

This season, América-SP signed a partnership with a company that manages the football department and recruits players.

Recent case in football in São Paulo

Suspicion of manipulation of results in the São Paulo Championship games is nothing new. Last season, two Serie A3 games were investigated and had consequences in court.

In September, the Drade (Sports Intolerance Crime Suppression Police) started to investigate a suspicion of match-fixing in the state’s Serie A3 games. The games under suspicion were Barretos x Linense and Paulista x Olímpia, both for the 12th round of the first phase of the competition.

Paulista and Olímpia in the 2020 Paulista Series A3 was one of the games investigated — Photo: Gustavo Amorim/Paulista FC

At the time, delegate César Saad asked the São Paulo Football Federation for the match reports. SportRadar, a partner company of the FPF, which monitors movements in betting exchanges, pointed out the matches as suspicious.

  • TJD-SP punishes players, Olímpia and Paulista for match-fixing in Serie A3
  • Barretos and other players were also punished A3 do Paulista

In a trial held in November, the Court of Sports Justice of São Paulo (TJD-SP) punished those involved in the scandal. Paulista de Jundiaí, Olímpia and Barretos were suspended from competitions for 120 days, in addition to paying a fine. Among the players involved, some ended up being acquitted and others were suspended for up to 360 days without being able to play professionally.