Priscilla Alcantara recalls rumors of affair with Yudi Tamashiro

Priscilla Alcantara she recalled the rumors that have already surfaced around the supposed romance between her and Yudi Tamashiro, in the heydays of good morning and co, at SBT, where the two were presenters and marked a generation.

In an interview with ‘Venus’ podcast, the singer and presenter said she felt ‘hate’ for the crowd. “I hated it when they shipped me with him. I was well into the teenage phase that can’t stand these things, you know? And Yudi loved to make fun of me with it. He hugged me, grabbed me. And I kept wanting to die”, she said, laughing.

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“He loved people talking. And he agreed. I kept wanting to die. “Not!”. Then I grew up. I still hear it, of course. But our relationship has always been that of a brother, no matter how much Brazil “shippasses”, said Priscilla Alcantara, who also assumed that, at times, she expressed impatience with the difficulty of the home audience during calls.

“Child who couldn’t see straight and lost patience. I laughed a lot at that. Several days I’ve been stressed out with Yudi and I’ve been blowing him in the air. It was real because he was pissing me off. It was so natural for us to do that”, recalled the artist, who is said to be a participant in the The Masked Singer, from Globo.

Reason for resignation from SBT

Priscilla Alcantara also opened the game and explained the reason for the resignation of SBT, and consequently her departure from the command of the morning children’s program in which she ran from 2004 to 2011. “They said we were big for ‘Bom Dia & Cia’, but Silvia Abravanel is much more than me”, started.

“The excuse was that we came in and got too old, they claimed that we were big for the program, old, and that they didn’t have a project for us. Interesting that Silvia Abravanel went there later, right? And she’s older than me, I was wondering, ‘What happened?’“, shot.

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