Priscilla Alcântara says she didn’t like rumors of romance with Yudi

Priscilla Alcântara, 25 years old, revealed that she didn’t like to hear the rumors about a possible romance with Yudi Tamashiro at the time in both of them that hosted the program “Bom Dia & Cia”, on SBT.

In an interview with the podcast “Venus”, the singer vented that she hated that the fans ‘shipa’ (relationship created on the internet) she with Yudi and said that the colleague himself had fun with the story.

I hated when they shipped me with him. I was well into the teenage phase that can’t stand these things, you know? And Yudi loved to make fun of me with it. He hugged me, grabbed me. And I kept wanting to die.

She even remembered that Yudi used gossip about the existence of a romance to make fun of her.

He loved people talking. And he agreed. I kept wanting to die. “Not!”. Then I grew up. I still hear it, of course. But our relationship has always been that of a brother, no matter how much Brazil “shipped.

Still in the conversation, Priscilla said that the departure of “Bom Dia & Cia” occurred with the excuse that she and Yudi were old. She, however, says she knows that the real justification was never said for the fact that Silvio Santos’ daughter, Silvia Abravanel, took over the attraction.

“The excuse was that we got too old, they claimed that we were big for the program, old, and that they didn’t have a project for us. Interesting that Silvia Abravanel went there later, right? And she’s more old as I was, I kept asking myself: ‘What happened?'” he finished.