Procon apprehends more than 50 kg of food inappropriate for consumption in a supermarket in ES | Holy Spirit

More than 50 kilos of food inappropriate for consumption were seized by the State Institute for Consumer Protection and Defense (Procon-ES) in a supermarket in Afonso Cláudio, in the south of Espírito Santo, this Wednesday (25).

The inspection took place after complaints about the sale of expired products in the region.

During the inspection of Procon inspectors, the sale of crushed cans, expired products and without information on the expiration date, content and manufacture was found.

The inspection director of Procon, Alvaro Araujo Valentim, participated in the action and informed that fractioned, packaged and frozen products were found by the establishment itself, without the mandatory information.

Frozen foods, rice, soft drinks and biscuits were some of the products seized. One of the collected products had expired since 2020.

Food seized in supermarket by Procon — Photo: Disclosure/Procon

For the director, the sale of products that are unsuitable for consumption are serious behaviors that can cause serious harm to consumers. The practice is a crime and the Public Ministry will be notified about the operation.

The inspected establishment was fined and may be fined.

Complaints of irregularities can be sent by consumers through the WhatsApp messaging application, at (27) 3323-6237, by telephone 151 or by the “Procon-ES” application, available for Android cell phones.

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